Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Norman Borlaug, Economy and the Dead Zone

The first show of the new season is in the books, now its time for episode two of The Iowa Journal.

I've mentioned before that we playing with the format a bit. Did you notice?

This week we also do something different. No studio discussion. Its just three stories this week. We had a discussion scheduled on the Dead Zone and Iowa's contribution, but have dropped that for another big story. The death of Iowa native Norman Borlaug.

We've got a hold of a documentary that was in the works about Borlaug and will air a part of that Thursday night at 8p on statewide Iowa Public Television. Market to Market is also working on a feature as well. Andrew Batt is on the case. Look for his report Friday night. On a side note, I had just mentioned Borlaug's health to Batt about ten days ago after hearing that Borlaug was not in good health. I will stop mentioning anyone and their health for quite sometime.

We also will look at the economy according to Creighton University Economics professor Ernie Goss. Earlier this month, Rick Fuller and I traveled to Omaha to spend a couple of days with Dr. Goss. He's been on show in a couple of other times to talk about gambling, and regional economies. He's a good friend of the show and always enjoyable to talk to. We already aired one feature on his MidAmerica Business Conditions Index on Market to Market. You can watch that story here. We'll air our feature on Thursday and then post the full interview about Iowa's economy on our website.

--UPDATE-- The full interview lives here. If the video is not there, check back, it will be soon.

Another fun side note about Borlaug as said by Penn and Teller. Ok, really just Penn since Teller is silent. Here's a fun video sent to me by Derek Balsley.

Producer Nancy Crowfoot also is putting the finishing touches on Iowa's contribution to the Dead Zone. What are Iowans doing to put chemicals in the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf Of Mexico? There is a conference about this issue taking place in the next few days, so this is a preview to that. We'll revisit the topic later in the season in-studio when we can devote time to it.

Thanks for taking the time. Glad to have you reading this far.
Have you seen the monkey?

See you Thursday at 8p on IPTV. BTW, no new Grey's Anatomy this week.
UPDATE: The Office is new. But they do reruns. We don't.
You can also watch our replay Friday night at 630p.

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