Friday, September 25, 2009

What role does Social Media play in your smart life?

I like working at Iowa Public Television.

If you are a regular reader, all 2 of you, then you've seen me write that before.

I get to have great discussions on a daily basis about topics in the news, of interest and good stories.

Today I forwarded this YouTube video with newer numbers on social media and its impact. Thanks to Mike Mickle for sharing, BTW.

What are your thoughts on social media?
Is it good?
Is it the future?
What value do you gain as an intellect taking part in SM?
Why not call someone?

I argue that IPTV has to be involved in social media. We are still moving forward officially at a slow, plotted pace. Others, in their personal accounts, this blog being one of them, are not. I like what Twitter can do for me and my work. I've said before, if I was still running an assignment desk or reporting full time, I would be in heaven. I think public TV has a place to a part of it all.

I like how facebook keeps me in contact with friends. I can peer into their lives and have a starting point of conversation when I see them in person.

Do smart people, who watch public TV or listen to NPR think social media has a place and a future?

Does anyone under 30 without children watch public TV? That topic will wait for another day.

Please, please, share your thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. I love social media!!!

    The problem is trying to get people to jump on the wagon because they are "scared" of what people are really going to say about their company. I know I see that happening everyday!