Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Upcoming Iowa Journals

We are always working on new topics and shows here at IPTV.

Right now I've got a couple of shows and features in the works.

Here's a look at two of the topics I'll have a hand in.

Midwest League Baseball Oct 22 TIJ #307
5 cities in Iowa have professional baseball. 4 of them are in the Midwest League, which plays Class A baseball. ‘A’ ball is the lowest level of full-season minor leagues. There are teams in Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Clinton and Burlington. The last two cities usually battle for the title of smallest towns in the country that have professional, full-season baseball. They are community owned in Clinton and Burlington, one of the main reasons they still have a team. We’ll look at the set up of the teams in their towns and how they make the experience for fans and families. The date of the show is timed to be right before the beginning of the World Series on October 28th. We will do another show using the video and interviews for a show on minor league sports in Iowa and the economic challenges of having a team. This will be in either November or December and will include a look at hockey and basketball. Run time for the story is 3-4 minutes and will be the tag to the H1N1 program.

Kathryn Koob: Oct 29 TIJ #308
Koob was a hostage in Iran for 444 days. Her first day in captivity was November 4th, 1979. She has retired from her work in foreign service in Austria, Australia and other outposts. We talked to her in Waverly on the campus of Wartburg College, her alma matter and employer since her retirement. She’s a member of the Communication Arts faculty. We talked about her time in captivity, who they were (she’s convinced that one of the men in the group was current president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). We also talked about treatment of hostages mentally and physically, including terrorism and torture. This will story will include her feature set up and then interview. Run time will be in the 20-22 minute length, depending on the show’s tag of the Jane Mayer’s speech from Grinnell.

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