Monday, August 3, 2009

Blast from the State Fair past

This week is the time to get our Iowa State Fair features in order before next week hits. We did more pre-fair features than in years past as a way to cut down on OT. So, I even got into the mix.

I was editing the Corn Dog Kickoff on Monday. I was in need of tapes from 1993 when the Blue Ribbon Foundation really got going. I pulled some of our tapes from that year when I stumbled across some great video from my high school years.

It wasn't my personal experience, but from my time frame of when I was there with my 4H projects.

But what I found was the State Fair Queen contest. A review of tape of the 1993 Fair was well worth it. Former Wartburg students Emily Jaspers, Cheri Jensen, Steph Harvey and a name I hadn't seen in quite some time, Sara Franken. Sara was a Comm Arts major. Even one of Amy's high school mates, Nellie Bassett. Also Amy Horst, currently with the Metro Waste Authority.

The 1994 tape found former Wartburger, Amy Fleming. I think the KIMT-TV anchor would love me if that tape showed up one day.

I know in 10 or 20 years I'll look at the stuff I'm doing now and laugh. But until that time, I can just chuckle at my past.

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