Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do we need a change on The Iowa Journal?

The Iowa Journal is still in production, but you just aren't seeing much of our work, at least not right now.

We are in the middle of a transition. Our executive producer, Sid, retired at the end of the fiscal year. He's in the hills of retirement and reading. But now, we need to figure out what's next for our show.

We are seeing if there's anything different we want to do with the program.

Seriously, I want to hear from you.

Here's a few ideas that we've been kicking down the road.

Set: Do we want to go back to the couch and comfy chair for interviews? Stay on the stools that were exclusively used for analysis of the news? Two analysts? No analysts?

Do we start to look more like a magazine show? This would mean 3 or 4 stories a program on various topics. Do we have the staff to do that to our quality standards?

Or do we look at staying on a central theme through the show?

We've talked about doing more interviews of interesting people to use as a 5 minute segment or 10 or even the whole show if it makes a good show. Before we have stayed away from newsmakers or just random interviews except in rare situations.

What are you thoughts on commentary segments? Maybe from authors or writers of letters to the editor? We tried this with Neal Harl early in the show, but haven't used it much since.

What do you like about what the Iowa Journal does?
What can the Iowa Journal improve?
What will get you to keep watching the program?
How do we get you to tell your friends to watch?

I appreciate your input.
Drop me a line here in the comments or privately at

Thanks for the time.

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