Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting Ready for the Iowa State Fair

We are getting closer to Iowa State Fair mode around here and that's a lot of fun. My fellow producers here at Iowa Public Television are out shooting stories and some have even edited them for air. Judy Blank went to my hometown of Jesup on Thursday for a look at the Schwennen family farm and their dairy goat operation.

Fair preview pieces are being shot all over the state as well. I've been to the Corn Dog Kick Off which is a fundraiser for the Blue Ribbon Foundation. They are the fundraising arm of the fair that's raised nearly $80 million since inception. The BRF has done work on nearly every building on the fairgrounds from the Grandstand to the Ag Building (which will NOT have a Michael Jackson butter sculpture afterall) and now the new Jacobson Exhibition Pavilion.

Here's few pictures of the fun at the fair.

The first is a look at the Jacobson from the east looking west. This is a massive 110,000 square foot building. It won't replace, but rather compliment the original livestock building nearby that was recently air conditioned, so its not going anywhere soon.

There's also a look from the far southwest of the fairgrounds looking east. You can see the Jacobson on the right and the 4-H building on the right. You will no longer be able to see the grandstand from the front of the 4-H building, so that will be a little different.
Our Fair coverage begins soon. We'll let you know when it airs.

During our shoot I asked where we were standing on one particular shoot.
Here's the picture. It was photographer Steve Carns on the far east side of the fairgrounds. We were in what is called the VIP campgrounds. Its right above a new livestock prep and show area. We were looking west and you can see the Des Moines skyline in the background.

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