Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kent's surgery update Wednesday 230p

Just got the off the phone with Alane. She's back in Des Moines now after coming back late this morning.

Dad's blood pressure was low yesterday following the surgery, but that was by design to not blow out the artery after surgery. His heart rate is normal now.

His spirit is good, his mind is good.

His cough is still a concern and he did have another nebulizer last night and maybe this morning. The cough can do some damage if its not treated.

He was still in intensive care this morning, as the surgeon had not been by yet to check on him. He will hopefully be sent to a regular room to have some visitors. Larry Schmidt stopped by this morning and maybe two of the 3 John Bergman's will stop by yet today.

----3p update---

Kent is now in a regular room. He's in 505 if you are planning a visit to Covenant. He still hasn't seen the surgeon, but the surgeon gave the verbal okay to move Kent from the ICU to 505.

Kent is still not feeling any pain and is feeling good. He's just sitting their doing crossword puzzles. He's still on Tuesday's. He said he didn't get a chance to do that one before they went in for the surgery.

I did actually talk to Kent on the phone and he sounded normally, a little different, but that could have been the cell phone to cell phone quality.

He said he's just a bit tender in a couple of spots and this numbness is likely to fade like a slow leak. He's bitten his mouth while eating, but it feels like he did a dental visit. Kind of like when the novocaine wears off, it takes awhile.

Mom thinks they'll be discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

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