Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dad's surgery Update

Just an update about my father's surgery this afternoon at Covenant in Waterloo.

Dad went into the recovery room and will likely be there until about 4p today and will then head to an Intensive Care Room. That is standard procedure following this surgery.

The doctor said it went well, even showing mom the hunk they took out, which to what Mom called, "scary" for its size. She said it was about 1.5 inch long and fairly wide, the doctor said he's not sure how blood was still going through the opening.

He will be in ICU for the overnight and will likely be there until mid-morning, or depending on how his recovery is doing. He'll then go to a regular room and again his recovery pace will determine how soon he'll be discharged.

Right now the artery is thin, but will strengthen up in 24 hours. There was one other spot they were looking at and concerned about, but will only prescribe a baby aspirin to help take care of that blockage and gathering at that spot.

The doctor, who was called the best in the hospital, said the blockage gathers at the carotid because of the Y shape of the artery and vein right there and its common for stuff to gather there.

There was a concern about his lungs. Dad came back from his fishing trip with a bit of a cough and initially the staff thought Dad would be fine during the surgery. The doctors changed course and had him do a nebulizer this morning to clear up as much as possible so dad wouldn't cough during the surgery.

He went in surgery around 1:15p and Mom was called back to a room around 2:35p.

Mom said all is good for now on this procedure.

He can take visitors later, but not sure how many. He'll probably be home in two days. So, he'll be ready for the 4th. Alane is headed up right now and will likely greet him in his room around 4p. Kris will likely be there Thursday night and we plan to be there Friday and Saturday.

Thank you so much for your prayers and concerns over Kent. He can be difficult at times and if he only knew how much support he has, he'd likely be embarrassed. But this is why social media is important, a short work on my end can tell a lot of people quickly. I can give detailed info that you get and understand and you can be informed.

Thanks again for your support.

5p Update---
Alane made it to Waterloo. Kent was awake and knew who everybody was. He did take 3 tries to get Alane's name right... Hey, Julie, I mean Kris, I guess you're Alane...

He was a little uncomfortable, but that's what happens when you have a catheter in. Its now out and he's feeling better. I expect he'll see some visitors Wednesday.

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