Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Internet Radio

I'm going to see what this internet thing is all about tomorrow. 

Michael Libbie invited me to his show Insight on Business as part of Mac's World Live.  

I'll be on around 1245 central. So, log on and see what we talk about. I think we'll have some conversation about IPTV and the Iowa Journal.
We'll see if I know anything about my organization and show.

Give us a look and listen from 1245 for at least an hour. Michael is on until 2, not sure if I'll be there or not, so we'll see.

Also, on another personal note, a good friend of mine Mike VanGorkom is featured in Los Angeles Times. Mike was recently laid off from Yahoo. He has taken to his time off as fUnemployment. I've read part of the story and watched the video story on him. Great plug for Waverly's Wartburg College.

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