Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What to do on The Iowa Journal

Earlier this week the group of producers for The Iowa Journal got together to talk about The Iowa Journal. 

It doesn't sound newsworthy, but it is if you watch the show. 

We spent the majority of the two hours talking about ideas for the show. We are in a bit of a transition. Sid Sprecher has been at the reigns of the show since the beginning in October of 2007. He's retiring at the end of the month and we are now in hiatus after Thursday's flood show. We are done as a cost saving measure until the fall, maybe September, maybe October. 

So, we've got a little time to do some tweaking if we want. This may happen. 

What do you want to see? 

Here's some of the ideas being tossed around. 

We need to make sure the I in IPTV stands for Iowa. Its a lot to ask someone to travel from Decorah to Johnston for an interview that may last 14 minutes. Its another to travel there and do the interview by satellite. The cost is too great for one interview.

Have you used Skype? Oprah uses Skype for her show. Why can't we? We talked about how we could use it for guests in our news analysis section or a guest if we like. 

Its not HD quality, but from what I've seen Oprah do, the audio sounds good, but the pic is a little pixelated.  

What do you think of our interviews? Do they add to the information we provide on our topics. How about one guest or 4 guests each week? Do we do a show with just guests one week on a topic. We talked about spending a show with one topic in a taped piece. Then the next week we would look at the topic in a discussion. It seems like a lot of work, but would it be worth it?

Just thought I would clue you in what we're up to and talking about here on The Iowa Journal.

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