Friday, June 19, 2009

Iowa Press makes news again

Each Friday, some of Iowa's most important people come to my workplace.

Not to see me, but face the gauntlet called "Iowa Press."

The show is big horse in the stable of Iowa Public Television's local productions.

Any given week, a governor, a United States senator or legislative leader comes in and sits down for 27 minutes.

I don't actively participate in the production of the show, but I do follow closely what is done on the program and who is coming and going. I sit on the other side of the wall to Mike Newell, the producer of the program. I hear Mike make many calls a week looking for the big hitters each and every week for the show.

This week, Sioux City republican Rep. Chris Rants was in the building for his turn.

As expected, the first question was about Rep. Rants' plans to run for governor.

Rants said, he's forming an exploratory committee.

So, once again, news was made at 6450 Corporate Drive.

During most tapings, reporters from around the state will gather in our Maytag lobby to listen to the show. Then, most guests will emerge from the studio for a post-game wrap up or further follow up of their appearance. They can also get a soundbite or comment on another subject with our guest for their stories.

Today was no different as Radio Iowa, Iowa Public Radio, WHO Radio, the Des Moines Register all had representatives to hear Rep. Rants.

Many Friday's I can watch the program being taped while sitting at my desk. Its a great chance to see the show and then if need be, tweet the live action. Its fun to be a part of the news and hear extended interviews and comments from newsmakers.

You can see Iowa Press Friday's at 7:30p and Sunday at 11:30a.

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