Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Daily Show does it again

The Daily Show is an incredible show.

Comedy Central's lead program brings the network incredible ratings and legitimacy with its nightly program about the news. Its a faux newscast that does a good job of educating the young americans who watch it instead of the real news. 

Its a show that says we as journalists are not doing our job. Each and every night Jon Stewart skewers networks and reporters and anchors for thoughtless things they do and say. 

Stewart also does a great job of pointing out the spin the networks seem to provide.

Take Monday's show for instance. Stewart pointed out, actually showed the Fox Network news team, going after President Obama. Stewart then shows MSNBC and many on the team going after Rush Limbaugh. Then there's CNN and how they only seem to be talking about Twitter. 

I don't remember journalism training being to biased. Its sad that each network can only be broken down to the apparent political leaning. But that's the times we live in now.

There's been several stories about the Daily Show and how they sort out the days news and pull all those clips and flips and flops by candidates and government officials. This New York Times blog story has a good synopsis of the show's routine. 

The Washington Post did a story about Adam Chodikoff last year that shows how much knowledge is in this guys brain and how he remembers dates and who said what and when. Each newsroom needs a guy like this and each network should have 17 of these guys around to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 

The Daily Show uses comedy to point out inaccuracies, but its something the press tries to do each day, but can't quite pull it off. Usually when a media outlet points out something inaccurate, they get accused of being slanted or biased and then you get lost in the actual story whether it was wrong or right. 

I haven't even begun to talk about the Jim Cramer interview. 

Take a look at Monday, June 8th's Daily Show. You'll see why Stewart continues to be must see TV.

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