Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What would you pay?

You're reading this blog for free. Hopefully not against your will, but you never know.

Would you be willing to pay to read this? I'm not asking $47 a month, but what about a nickel or dime?
Would you be willing to pay to read a real bloggers thoughts?
Would you be willing to pay to read websites and their original news content?

Most of the time, the answer has been no. Most of the content on the web is free. Is that good?

There are still hard working people in the business of media. They should get paid for original work. Just like they do now by their companies, but when the New York Times turns a Ralph Blumenthal story onto the web, does he get paid extra for it?

Apple figured out that 99 cents wasn't so much to ask for a song. I don't mind paying that. It doesn't seem like a lot of money for a song I'll listen to 34 times.

If the content is good, original and insightful, why not pay for info? If its linked 12 times from the original source, it must be good, but who gets money for all that linking?

How about older material? If we've got archives of old video at IPTV, would you be willing to pay to see a clip from 1974? How about 2004? We like our content to be seen, but we also are trying to not be a huge sucker of tax payer money and at least get some money for our content.

The horse is out of the barn. Its hard to get the toothpaste back into the tube. So, getting money for what is now 'free' on the internet is hard to do.

What are your thoughts on paying for content?

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  1. I would not pay, but i would let you read mine if you let me read yours. Actually, I am more for Ads on the side than for paid content.