Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Iowa Journal hits the road

I've asked for show ideas or topics in the past, so I thought I would update you on my progress.

Here's a look at some of the stories that are on my radar and are in the works for the next couple of weeks.

Park Inn Hotel (Mason City)

Next Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll go to Mason City for a look inside the Park Inn Hotel, the last Frank Lloyd Wright designed and standing hotel in the world. The Park Inn Hotel also is the source of documentary called The Last Wright. I think we may be airing it in August. I think this is relevant in a couple of ways for an icon of design (both Wright and the PIH) and the community is finally going to be taken out of disrepair and maybe into production (planned) as a hotel.

I will be getting a tour inside the hotel before they start the full reconstruction process in August. So, they are about to shut this thing down. Good to get inside and can follow a bit of the construction if we like. Also, if we do the Vision Iowa ten years later story (which would be in 2010), this can give us new video on a recent Vision Iowa project.

Midwest League Baseball
June 25 - 27
Trip to Burlington and Quad Cities for a look at their minor league baseball operation. Getting interviews and video of night games. What does a minor league team mean to its region, what is life like for the ballplayers, what is their chances of making it to the show. The same goes for the staff who have major league aspirations as well.

I'll be getting some video around those towns as well.

A third trip will be to Clinton July 6 and 7. I'll be trying to get some of the vineyard story shot as well when I'm out that far. This may be in Maquoketa or Jackson County, depending on what happens and schedules work out together.

That's my plan for now. Hope to see you on the road.

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