Friday, May 29, 2009

Do ya, you know, Twitter?

Do you Twitter?

Do you Facebook?

Do you care to?

Do you want the madness to stop? 

The Iowa Journal looks at social media tonight in a Friday only showing of this program at 630p on IPTV.

Social Media sounds like a party and that’s kind of what it is. The social networking site Facebook boasts 200 million users world wide. The fastest growing demographic on the site is 35 years and over. 

Now the even quicker, more ADD site is Twitter, a site that allows users to send out short bursts of information. Twitter is growing leaps and bounds---  Nielson Rating Service says the site has grown 13-hundred percent from year to year since Feb of 08.

 We begin with a look at a face to face meeting of users and then we’ll show you how others are getting into business to help others navigate these tools for their business. We head to Lava Row in Des Moines to see how this company teaches social media to businesses.

 We also went to a Des Moines area TweetUp to see what that is about. Several of you are in the piece that went that night, but not everyone will make the cut. So, please don't be mad. I didn't think Abbie Shipton wanted to see her full profile about a month from delivery. 

 Our panel discussion includes Michael Libbie, principal and owner of Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications a Des Moines based Advertising Agency that specializes in traditional media messages from print to television to Social Media.  Michael also hosts a number of radio shows in the Des Moines market dealing with a issues revolving around advertising and the rural lifestyle. 

Michael blogged about his appearance and put in some very nice words about IPTV and our operation. Thanks to that. Also a great picture off set. He called it magic. TV still is to me as well, Michael. 

 Mike Templeton is the director of social media and web strategy for the Iowa Hospital Association. He uses social media on a daily basis through his job and personal life. The discussion was taped last Thursday.

 The show will only air tonight, May 29th, 2009 at 630p on IPTV. There is no news analysis. The discussion was posted online last Friday.

 The feature is online already.

 So, if you want to watch the show before it airs, you can do so here on our site.

Paul's Add: There is a tiny, inside joke off the top of the discussion. I said, its a Paul and 2 Mike's again. That was in reference to a great radio show I did in college on KWAR in Waverly with two of my best friends named Mike and Mike. We were on before those ESPN guys came along, for the record.

The show was called Bitter Coffee with a Paul and 2 Mike's. Great radio for our time. We even got the president of Wartburg to stop by on our final show of the year. 

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