Monday, May 18, 2009

So Much Apparent Time

Each Monday seems like the whole week is in front of you. 

It is, but its also a little daunting knowing what's ahead. This week I've got a couple of shows to put together, one on the economy and the other is a discussion of social media to be used in a later show. 

Plus I'm taking a trip to Rock Island to speak on Tuesday, so that will eat an entire day in the car in a trip I just took already this weekend. Oh well, that's the price of fame.

This week we'll need your questions about the economy. We've got the president of DMACC, a personal finance guy, the director of the Iowa Workforce Development and a guy who leads the Hope@Work program at Hope Lutheran in West Des Moines. We're live Thursday at 8p.

Any ideas on how to make a good story about Twitter/Facebook happen? I've got some ideas, so I'll get to playing around with that right now.

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