Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spending the day in a tiny room

Today is a day of editing for me. 

The script is written for the first pass and is then getting a good look over by fellow producers. One who has social media knowledge, the other who only hears about it from me. So, that should make sure both groups of people can understand it. 

I'm in an Avid room today trying to piece together the story. I voice my own stories, so that's not a problem, but sometimes producers will use a scratch track to get started editing before the final voice over person comes in. I've been the scratch guy, but also been the guy coming in at the last minute.

This feature on social media is about Lava Row and the Des Moines TweetUp back in March when NBC's Today Show came to town. 

So, I've got the iTunes ready to play at  a nice soft level to keep me going as I'm locked in a Avid 3. Now you know where to find me.

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