Friday, May 29, 2009

What I did on my summer-- from the Iowa Journal

We are looking ahead to the future of the Iowa Journal and stories we are working on for you.

This week we'll look at the flood of 2008 and what's been done to try and prevent a disaster like that doesn't happen again. That program is a little different format as well with no studio discussion, just a look at stories in Waverly, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, and Louisa County to just name a few. 

Then, we are done for a few months. I wish we weren't, but now we can devote time to traveling the state to find the next best stories for The Iowa Journal. If you miss us, please write IPTV a little note to say, we like the show, we don’t like the show, we think the host is a dink, how does his hair never move? 

I've got a few ideas that I'll try to flush out this summer. I'm hoping to get to Clinton, Davenport and Burlington to look at minor league baseball. Also we may look at the wine industry, Iowa's cold criminal cases, new teachers and some other topics that come our way. Thank you so much for reading all of this note. If you have ideas you think we should do, let me know. 

I love to hear ideas from across the state that impact all Iowans. 

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