Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday News

Its amazing to think that I used to be into the news on holiday weekends. Now, its hard to think about the news that's happened the last 4 days.  

For years, my holidays were spent on a random Tuesday or Friday that was compensation for my working of a holiday. Plenty of Memorial Days, Labor Days, 4th of July, you get the picture. 

I knew every holiday celebration in every town. Usually, the holiday's themselves weren't the problem, it was the Saturday and Sunday around them. 

Working weekends is part of the deal. Now, in my world of public TV, its just not the same. I'm still getting used to it, but it can be done. 

Thank goodness for Twitter feeds to keep me informed over the last few days. I really enjoy how that medium and following the right sources can keep you informed just enough to be dangerous and not put you too much behind. 

This week, social media is on the plate again. There's quite a bit of pressure on myself to make this feature good. I've got expectations to make this piece sing and not get another round of oh, that was weak. 

The discussion is already posted on the IPTV video page. Its an online exclusive. Tell your friends, we're hoping to have some good traffic to show for our efforts. 

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