Friday, May 22, 2009

See it online BEFORE on TV

How cool can we be sometimes?

In a show about social media, its only fitting that we launch the discussion of our upcoming show about social media, here on line on the Iowa Public Television website.

Thanks to fellow producer Nancy we've posted the video of the discussion recorded on Thursday afternoon about social media for next Friday's Iowa Journal. Actually, it was Nancy's idea, I just said, that would be fitting, so here you go. Thank Nancy. 

We usually will post our Thursday programs on Friday's online at around noon. So, you can soon see our economic roundtable about underemployed and unemployed here as well. 

The social media show will also feature Lava Row and the Des Moines area TweetUp. That will be ready for Friday's airing at 630p on IPTV. 

Here's the link to the Iowa Journal's discussion on Social Media with Mike Templeton and Michael Libbie. 

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