Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yes, the economy is still bad for people

Are there any signs things are improving for Iowans?
What hope can we give to people about the economy?
Who or what industries are looking like they will be hiring?
What can be done in the meantime while we wait for the economy to turn?

This week we bring the phone operators and volunteers to take your questions about the economy. Its a topic that is continually on the brain of many, if not all of us.

Yes, there's been some good indicators this week, but for some, they are still without a job.

The Iowa Journal is committed to answering your questions about the economy. We've assembled an impressive panel.

Elisabeth Buck is the director of the Iowa Workforce Development. Rob Denson is president of Des Moines Area Community College. Adam Carroll is a personal financial consultant and Jim Adams coordinates the Hope@Work program at one of, if not the, biggest churches in the state, Lutheran Church of Hope.

Jim will be making his Iowa Journal debut and the rest are veterans on the program.  Glad to have Jim on the show.

You can call with your questions or email them ahead of time. Call 866.282.2846 or send an email to

We're on live Thursday night from 8-9. 
There will be no cutdown version of the program this week that airs on Friday. So, if you want to catch up if you miss our on-air signal, hop onto

If you want to see our program on Autism, that's last week's show. Also see fan favorites like auto racing in Iowa, water quality and the Out and About in Red Oak. All available on our website, any time of the day.

We will also be taping a discussion tomorrow about social media. We're talking about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. How do we go beyond email. That will air only on Friday, May 29 at 630p. Another DTV or digital TV call in will air at 8p next week. 

Thanks for the time. 
The monkey is now blogging. Hard to believe. Check it out for longer versions of my Iowa Journal ramblings. 

Thanks for reading this last line. If you send a question to and you're on this list, I'll send you an IPTV prize. 

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