Friday, November 6, 2009

Football friday, baseball is all OK

Just wanted to post a couple of reads for your Friday.

If you like the Hawkeyes, you can't help but notice Pat Angerer on the field. This linebacker is everywhere. He's even more dominant than he was at Bettendorf High School.

I remember watching Pat play on the 2004 Bettendorf football team that went on to win the state title. That team dominated everyone and went on to beat West Des Moines Valley for the state title. The 2009 West Des Moines Dowling Catholic Maroons remind me a lot of the Bulldogs. Both dominate opponents. Bettendorf just had a couple of players that went onto play D1 ball with Angerer and Colin Sandeman. Ryan Frick was the QB of that team that went on to play at Minnesota State.

There's a blog post by @IowaHawkeys here from The Bleacher Report called Angerer Management. Its been hard for teams to manage Pat all season.

If you want to look at Angerer and Sandeman in action at Bettendorf in that title game with Valley, take a look here.

Also, I try to read Ken Levine's blog. Ken has written for several TV series like MASH, Cheers and his personal favorite, Big Wave Dave's. Ken does the post-game show on KABC radio for the LA Dodgers. I always enjoy his stuff. Here's a look at a posting this week about the 2009 Dodger season.

He'll post a lot about behind the scene's stuff of TV and Radio, so its always fun for me to read.

And of course, my friend O Kay Henderson has a new location for her blog. Kay is now a regular contributer to Iowa Press and used to visit us quite often on The Iowa Journal until we tweaked the format. Maybe that didn't go so well as we will be put on the shelf at the end of the fiscal year.

Now to the top of the post, picture explanation.

IPTV has updated their web videos. Hopefully I can post them in full form soon, but now you'll have to look at links and trust me on watching them.

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at the Midwest League and the Iowa teams in the league. It was a quick story, but is now posted in a higher quality of video than what you've seen before on If its not updated yet, it will be shortly.

This week's show on tax credits in Iowa will be in that format and hopefully the same from here on out. Enjoy.

In the future, I will try to post a couple of links to interesting stories that you may be interested from a state-wide perspective. What plays well and impacts the whole state? I'll take your suggestions to

UPDATE: This just in. I like MASH. Its a good thing I've got a friend who helped complete my collection. Good ole' Michael Graham. Congrats to he and Jen on their wedding just two short weeks ago. For that reason, I'll post a picture of them here.

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