Friday, November 13, 2009

Public Art - What does it do for you?

We're talking public art on tonight's Iowa Journal at 630p on IPTV.

We had a lively discussion about who picks what art goes where, the economics of public art and what role art plays in our lives.

Should we forgo plowing streets for a public art statue?

Find out that answer in our discussion with Sarah Grant, artist and founder of Sticks. Also J. Todd Graham, CEO of the Iowa West Foundation and Porter Arneill of the Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission.

We also look at the new Pappajohn Sculpture park in Des Moines and some of the public art in Council Bluffs.

Our final segment tonight is the latest Central Iowa Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. This fits not only with Veteran's day, but the week that we at the very least should try to remember our members of the military.

You'll be able to view our segments on line at

Here's where you can view the Vet's story now.

And here's where you can view the Pappajohn piece already.
See you next week for chronic care.


In a post about Sesame Street, I wandered to a clip I was looking for about the NEA. Toby gets an earful about some of the NEA funded projects. We did talk a bit about that before our taping on Thursday, but not on the show. Do a few projects like the ones mentioned in the clip taint art discussions?

We also have the full show link done now. You can view the Iowa Journal talking about art in public, here.

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