Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Sesame Street memories

Last week I went down memory lane and started talking about the first 40 years of Sesame Street and the memories it gave me. It also rung true with many of you as well.

Here's a look at the post if you want to catch up on last week's start to the discussion.

But, I forgot a couple of segments, the above clip is from when Elmo visited The West Wing. He was given an exam by Mrs. Bartlett. That episode also is when Big Bird and CJ meet in the hall. Quite funny when you think that one could be confused with the other and the two had some similarities.

There also was a good discussion about government funding for Sesame Street by Toby. I'll get to that topic in a future post about our art discussion from the November 12 Iowa Journal.

Back to Sesame Street.

I found a couple of old classics that I had forgotten.

Guy Smiley anyone? Who didn't want to be a game show host after watching him? I've learned all my emcee skills from this segment.

Also, ABC did a couple of great stories about Sesame Street. This first clip talks about the controversial beginning to the program.

Here is a look at the 40 years includes some great lambchops from Gordon and an orange Oscar the Grouch.

Finally, here are some of your memories on Sesame Street.

Bob Palmer is old. Its just fun to say that, because he goes back to the beginning. "My memories are that I clearly remember the day it premiered in 1969 when I was 3 on Channel 11 in Chicago."

Steph Boeding likes the Grover classic. Maybe this is why Grover isn't on as much. "Near... far!"

Sesame Street has a pattern and is familiar in many parts. That's helpful for Anne Holtan. "The boys love sesame street and love being able to access them on the web. Routines & repetion is big in our household with autism therefore you can hear "the ladybug's picnic" song...123,456,789 etc This week's favority is 40th anniversary theme song over & over & over!"

My KWQC friends Lora Ullerich and Michael Colon didn't use to agree on many things, but they do on one thing now.

Lora Ullerich "PB & J sandwiches, apples & milk sitting in the kitchen where I could peak around the corner & watch TV. Fav. was the Count...1,2,3,4,5,-6,7,8,9,10-11,12. HA! HA! HA!"

We can all remember where we were when we watched the program. It used to be, we only had one, maybe 2 TVs in the house.

Laura Holtz Ballard remembers "Sitting in the den, watching with Lana, and being excited to watch her learn!"

Current caregiver and mother to 3 Katie Carey Lochner says "I remember watching it as a kid two or three times a day (same episode :) ) Then Bennett was obsessed with Sesame Sings Karaoke when we lived in Lincoln so we heard that on numerous trips home...several times...I still get the "Somebody come and play" song and "Ladybug Picnic" in my head!! :)"

I can say we go through that as well as Noah likes to watch the Sesame Street learns the ABC's. This includes Steve Carrell as the letter 'Z.'

And we finish with another old guy comment from Michael Peterson. "I remember the first time the Count appeared. He would silence Bert and Ernie everytime they would try to talk!!! Hilarious!!!"

Sorry to throw Bob and Mike under the AARP bus. Too easy.

Katherine Sue Sorensen has two favorites of Cookie Monster and Elmo! Plus Chris Reece reminds us all of The Yep-Yep monsters!

And how many songs we've learned from Sesame Street are still with us as Amy Bruxvoort Sauke reminds us. "We all sing with the same song, the same voice....and we sing in harmony."

Thank you everyone for your great comments. I know you are continuing to share these thoughts with your children and grandchildren.

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