Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sesame Street Turns 40

Do you know the difference between Bert and Ernie?
How about who Mr. Noodle is?
Do you remember Mr. Hooper's store?

How many of you grew up watching Sesame Street?

I did, too.

Now, I get the chance to share Sesame Street with my sons. That's Noah in the IPTV lobby last year with Bert and Ernie. He still waves at the two when he comes to visit me at work.

The landmark television program turns 40 this week and it appears to have no signs of a midlife crisis.

Yes, some of the originators of the series are gone, but there many long time parts of the program that don't go away. Including Big Bird, Rita, Oscar and Bert and Ernie.

I loved the program as a kid. I love it even more now as a father. Noah started watching the show after I encouraged him to. Now, he likes to watch Elmo and the gang on the show.

As a public TV employee, I appreciate it as well. Its a good feeling to have that program as your signature of your network.

I love showing Noah the great clips of Grover and Kermit. Each time, Grover would try to sell Kermit something. One that's funny is this clip.

You don't see Kermit on the show anymore, but you still see plenty of your familiar favorites hanging around the block.

The show also captures current popular programs and spoofs them. There's Law and Order: Special Letters Unit.
Or how about Mad Men:

Then, there's the classics.
Rubber ducky, you're the one.

I hope to see the program on for another 40 years.

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