Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looking for Iowa Visionaries

Who are Visionaries in Iowa?
Who can see where the state is going and what needs to be done to get there?

We are looking for some people who you may consider having good vision for the state.

We hope to bring a few minds together to talk about the future of the state for an upcoming Iowa Journal.

Any ideas?

We are looking for someone who is not just an entrepreneur, but more with vision of 'we've got these problems, here's how we solve it,' type of thing.

For example, someone who can say "we've got these water quality issues, its going to be painful, here's how we fix it."

In the past we've turned to think-tank types or college professors who can study these issues and offer solutions who are not tied to an electorate to keep their jobs.

If you've got an idea on someone, send it to

Thanks for your time.

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